A colourful city street in the summer


A man was fishing and caught a fish.

The fish was so small he threw it back in the water.

For the first time in its life

The fish realized it was swimming in something.

Zen story

There is in Colin’s writing the simplicity of the Tao, the wisdom of Advaita, the directness of Zen, the beguiling stories of the Sufi mystics and the parables of Christ.

Taoism arose in China, Zen in Japan, and Advaita Vedanta (Jnanna yoga) in India. Imagine a Chinese a Japanese  and an Indian climbed to the top of the same mountain at different times. When they described what they found they did so in their own language and from the context of their own culture. Despite the differences of language and culture the underlying reality, the mountain, was the same.

Stillpoint Novel CoverBook Cover - water droplet on blue background - By Colin MallardSTP-Book-CoverGoing to Gaza - Ten Days That Changed the World

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