OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMikey is dying today
Drifting away going home
And god sent ducks
Two of them
In a hole in the ice
Under the bridge
Back and forth
They’d not been for a year
And there they were

What is this dying?
Sadness for a friend’s passing
Pulling the heart
To tears

God stopped sending dreams to Mikey
His whispering had come to an end
And no one lives without that

Three of us
Two humans and a dog
Hanging out
Just being
As time runs out

And it ended that way
Like a firefly winking out

Yesterday Mikey died
I hear him tapping on the glass
He wants to come in
I see him
Standing outside
Waiting patiently
My heart leaps with joy
I look again but
He’s not there

We miss you dear friend
We miss you

We miss coming home
To your cougar hound call
Filled with joyous anticipation
For all the neighborhood to hear
You weren’t shy when it came to that
Your presence
Like a soft summer breeze
Or the comfort of a winter fire
What a blessing you’ve been

And now you lie beneath the frozen ground
While I lie in a warm bed
Beneath the steely stars

Someday not so far away
Death will come
Knocking on my door
When god stops sending dreams
I’ll be gone

I recall our time together
You added a presence
Mostly quiet and sometimes
Those beautiful songs
Sung with such baritone abandon
The four-legged ones
Hearing it could only join in

It’s the shits
How life is
So wonderful and so terrible
Constantly moving
This wheel of life and death
The Source no longer sends us dreams
Stops whispering in time
And we fade away absorbed in the void

To appear again
But not you not me
Not who we thought we were
Consciousness not aware of Itself
Becomes aware of Itself

And the whole cycle begins again
The impersonal awareness returns
New clothes for an ancient story
Not you not me
Coming from nowhere and nothing
Before time ever was
We dream again

There’s comfort in that
A dream’s a dream
Even a cosmic one
Rivers and mountains millions of years old
Appearing and disappearing
In mere moments

And as Ramana noted
Nothing really happened

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