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The way is so simple People find it hard to accept.

It is easier to believe That life is Complex difficult and confusing.

Lao Tzu


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Understanding, is a logical step by step approach to understanding both human nature and the world in which we live. The author suggests that understanding, deep understanding, can bring spontaneous and appropriate changes in human behavior.

To demonstrate the effect of understanding Colin uses the following example: When the European mariners understood that the world was not flat, their behavior changed simply as a result of their understanding. Despite their fear they sailed beyond the horizon and not one of them fell over the edge.

Colin draws from  Taoism, Zen, Advaita Vedanta (Jnanna yoga) and Sufism, all of which played an important part in his life.


Understanding, real understanding, brings the gift of living in the moment. As anyone can attest from personal experience, the mental states of past and future lack the immediacy and vibrancy of the present moment. When the human being is present to what is happening and not caught in the chatter of the mind, life can be enjoyed regardless of what is happening. The result is a greater sense of peace and harmony and the ability to act spontaneously and appropriately.


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The paths to Enlightenment are many and complicated. Words are only pointers and can often mislead as concepts and ideas are not the truth either. As a result trying to understand can be very frustrating. This books lays out a path very clearly. Words used are defined with great precision and metaphors and stories help to illustrate the ideas. Colin uses stories  from Zen and Sufi  as well as from his own experiences as a seeker to show the practical effects of the ideas.   Although the ideas are very abstract Colin is able to capture what is needed before understanding takes place. The ideas of Advaita, Taoism and Zen can seem so complicated that words slip away and there is a tendency to try to grasp them. Colin has the ability to hold the words steady so they can be thought about and discussed. When understanding comes, even only at an intellectual level, words aren’t necessary any more.

Colin points out how simple it can be. We don’t have to go looking for enlightenment: for our impersonal consciousness. It’s already there- within us. We are so busy chasing down the road looking for signs that we miss the fact that it is right here. It was here when we were born and we just lost sight of it as we absorbed the conditioning of our culture.

Val Walton (editor)

Since reading Colin’s Mallard’s new book Understanding my way of looking at life has radically changed.

I love this book because, while it explains clearly concepts, which I have not been able to have satisfactorily explained in a lifetime of challenging the accepted faiths and dogmas, it is also so attractive to have. Illustrated with some of Colin’s beautifully sensitive photos it is interspersed with explanations of life and its origins fromm Colin’s version Of Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching” worded so that the original meaning and poetic beauty is not lost in translation.

Books that are supposed to enlighten are often hampered by the author’s desire to sound learned and superior. This book does not do this, however. Instead it says so much about life, with stories and metaphors and clearly worded explanantions that make so much sense to a spiritual seeker.

Tress Backhouse
Comox BC

Once I was in alone and started to read a book, the name of the book is UNDERSTANDING. The right time I start to read a good book.  After I have read this book my life style was changed and my problems are nothing and my self confidence have been increased. My family problem and  my financial problem is nothing. I have faced the problem very easily. In this book, one of the chapter 3 The Impersonal Consciousness and The Ego. This is the very beautiful chapter in this book. When you read this book  you’ll see through your arrogant and your head weight. You can love this  world and below the level of your status. When you remove the   “I” you can solve all problems and there will be many more solutions to solve your problems. When you read this book your life will become more shine and happy. You can love all moments in your life. It cannot be expressed in words but you can feel while reading this book.

Colin is not only a writer and he is a great photographer. When you see the photographs, it is all like  sweet quotes.

His all books related to the Advaita Vedanta and Lao Tzu thoughts. When you read his books you can feel your life going to change and you can be able to face your problems easily and your life is coming to more shine.

He is not only a writer and photographer, he is very kind and generous person. When he is getting money from his books and photographs, he is helping one part of the money to the poor’s. He also helped to some poor’s education expense. Please read his books and enjoy your life moments.

Chander M.
Chennai South India


“…might I suggest “Understanding the Simplicity of Life,” by Dr. Colin Mallard as an example of a book to emulate. This book is an introduction to Eastern philosophy which tackles some very controversial issues and tries specifically to speak to modern Western readers. Whether you agree with Dr. Mallard’s conclusions or not, you can’t help but ponder his ideas deeply, and his clarity of prose and gentle style ensure that you know exactly what his point is.”

Bennet R. Coles, Victoria BC Canada

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